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KeepAlive Pro

KeepAlive Pro

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View screenshot of KeepAlive ProThe fundamental difference between KeepAlive and KeepAlive Pro is that KeepAlive Pro can distinguish between a program that is not responding and one that is just not running. KeepAlive only can detect if an application has stopped running. KeepAlive Pro can do this and detect a "non responding" application. If the option to restart the failed application is checked, KeepAlive Pro will shut down the non responding program and then restart it.
KeepAlive Pro has been developed to give the IT industry an application that will reside on the PC or Server and guard against prolonged application and network failures. This is done by monitoring applications and network connections on the Server or PC. There are many ways KeepAlive Pro can be configured to respond to failures. This applies to applications that have failed and applications that are non responsive. KeepAlive Pro can take action when a failure exists. It can restart the application, reboot the Server or PC, or initiate a command line programmed by you the user. KeepAlive Pro can also be configured to alert in many different ways. Upon a failure KeepAlive Pro has the ability to provide, audio, multiple visual, and e-mail alerts.

KeepAlive Pro has the ability to IP Ping other connections and alert when the connections fail. There are many times when two or three Servers are running applications that are critical and related to one another. KeepAlive Pro can be programmed to IP Ping these other Servers and ensure that the network connections are up and running. If they are not, notifications can be sent via e-mail, audio, or visually to alert of the condition.

KeepAlive Pro comes with many powerful tools for diagnostic purposes. These tools can show executables running, executables running with associated processes, on-line monitoring of KeepAlive Pros's activities, Server Information such as hardware, bios, etc., and real-time log of events.

Any Server or PC running critical programs should have KeepAlive Pro installed. This application can save time and money by restarting failed processes or alerting people when the processes have failed. KeepAlive Pro is a must in an industry running multiple Servers and applications.

Download KeepAlive Pro Now Download KeepAlive Pro

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Download KeepAlive Pro Now Download KeepAlive Pro

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Version: 2.4
Released: Sep, 14 2004
License: Shareware, $26.99
Expires: Expires after 15 Days

File size: 4,200 K
Platforms: Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98
Downloads: 53

Keep Non-Reponding and Failed Programs up and running! KeepAlive Pro now detects Non-Responsive Programs and can stop and then restart them


KeepAlive Pro page at FreewareSeek

Developer: PB Software,LLC.

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