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Raseac Secure Phone

Raseac Secure Phone

Description | Screenshot | Comments (1) | Download

Encryption software for end-to-end secure voice communication for the Pocketpc 2003 connected via modem to a telephony system (fixed or mobile).

The encryption is done via CBC mode and in each phone conversation a Random IV is generated. Transmitted data blocks have a Time Stamp to prevent replay attacks.

Users must exchange the contact encryption key before a conversation. This master key is used to encrypt all section keys, so a public key is never used.

The contact key is changed after each call, erasing previous calls keys.

The user keys are protected by 256 bits encryption.

The encryption keys can be a user choice, if you want, you can manually insert your 256 bits symetric keys.

The keys exchanges can be done by infrared .

Fixed-to-fixed telephony contacts can be done with a call already opened in a unsecure voice conversation, after that the users can change to a secure call, like a fax process. This fixed-to-fixed secure calls can be already done with one user dialing the number using the modem and the other user receiving the call using the modem.

The voice quality is very nice, and we suggest using earphones to avoid echo.

For GSM calls we suggest the Qtek 2020, but for more options please contact us.

We tested our system using the Pretec CompactFlash 56 k modem for fixed telephony connections, and it works very nice.

The voice delay is about 0.4 seconds for fixed to fixed calls, and about 1.6 seconds for mobile calls.

This system uses the CSD (Circuit Switched Data) service by cellular mobile operators,.

The system operates at transfer speeds of 9600 bauds, full-duplex. It is ultra-versatile, operating on the PocketPC 2003, and it works over fixed telephony and GSM cellular.

You can do connections between cellular and fixed phones, and you can have in the same pocketPc the cellular and fixed connectivity.

Our system is very secure, using only symmetric encryption, with one of the best encryption algorithms, the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard).

# 256-bit encryption key;
# Encryption technology based on the Rijndael block cipher (AES);
# CBC, Random IV, Time Stamp, Integrity check by MAC/SHA-256;
# 100% protected against "man in the middle" attack;
# No backdoor.

Download Raseac Secure Phone Now Download Raseac Secure Phone

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Download Raseac Secure Phone Now Download Raseac Secure Phone

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Version: 2.00e
Released: Dec, 20 2004
License: Shareware, $0.00
Expires: Never Expires

File size: 452 K
Platforms: Windows CE
Downloads: 48

Encryption voice system to be used with PocketPc2003 handheld, Shareware version with 256 bits, 1 minute per call. Uses TAPI modem, cellular and fixed telephony.

Raseac Secure Phone page at FreewareSeek

Developer: BREMER

BREMER page at FreewareSeek

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