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 Registry Medic

The Windows registry is a huge database that ensures normal computer operation. Installing and uninstalling software can make your registry a mess, leading to decreased PC performance and causing computer crashes. Registry Medic uses a highly intelligent engine to scan your computer's registry for invalid registry entries.

With the click of a button, you are able to repair or remove registry entries that refer to a file or folder that has been moved or deleted. You can also scan and remove invalid software data and Start menu data from the registry. Furthermore, this easy-to-use utility can kill trojan viruses that use the registry to spread and do damage to your PC.

What Can Registry Medic Do For You?

  • Find invalid registry entries using our highly intelligent engine
  • Repair registry entries that refer to a file/folder that has moved
  • Remove invalid registry entries
  • Scan and Remove invalid software data in the registry
  • Scan and Remove invalid Start menu data in the registry
  • Open folders that correspond to invalid registry data
  • Efficiently find the location of an error with the RegEdit registry tool
  • Backup and restore your registry by date, hour, minute, or usage
  • Kill Trojan viruses that use the registry to spread and do damage
  • Requirements: Pentium class processor CPU, 32 MB of RAM RAM, 10 MB disk space

    Reviews / View as Forum Thread
    06-Feb-2004 10 Review team 10/10
    28-Mar-2006 NR ncrd why does anyone even bother evaluating this app. It shouldn't be posted in the first place. The publisher doesn't want to market it as free but sure does take advantage of free reviews. Don't waste my time.
    02-Dec-2005 NR spirit036 its not free so why put it here if i wanted to pay i would have gone to shareware or somewhere.....lets get this right its not fair to trick people like that
    15-Jan-2005 1 dakar guard: Even if is good software to be here it should be free o.k so make it free or go to a shareware place
    18-Nov-2004 10 anup12 okay n fine but y not it's free
    27-Sep-2004 10 snookie why is it not free? i am reading the posts why would i download it if you tell me it is free? it should be in shareware with a free trial period - form what i see no one from the site has posted why it is not free - why haven't you answered these posts?l
    10-Aug-2004 1 heart1 not free why is it here???
    17-Jul-2004 10 lester not bad
    02-Jul-2004 10 shpool thank y i need so to try it
    15-Jun-2004 2 Crowman NOT FREE WHY PUT IT ON A FREEWARE SITE
    06-Jun-2004 10 cheaky Nice Software thank you
    12-Apr-2004 10 nicman thank you
    12-Apr-2004 10 nic thank you
    22-Mar-2004 1 Smit Don't tell me it's free if it isn't!!
    14-Mar-2004 10 peter2100 Outstanding every other program is pinuts against this
    11-Mar-2004 10 faruque_chow very smart one
    03-Mar-2004 10 altamira I hope Ifind I"m loking for
    11-Feb-2004 NR sak not reviewed yet
    31-Jan-2004 10 rsmrajasekaran fine
    31-Jan-2004 10 rsmrajasekaran Good
    29-Jan-2004 10 kampret nice
    12-Jan-2004 10 aceboe download data,files,folders,programs to a CD-R disk
    07-Jan-2004 10 excelshimoga how to correct the error of sound while comming plugin software used id out of range
    10-Nov-2003 10 subir Nice Software
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    Quick facts
    Product Registry Medic
    Version 3.0
    Publisher Iomatic
    Platform Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98
    Filesize 1,894 K
    Released 28-Sep-2003
    License Shareware
    Cost $29.95
    Expires Trial allows the deletion of 5 entries
    Statistics: total, monthly
    Downloads 19768 (0)
    Rating 8.11 (0)
    Votes 397 (0)
    Summary rating +169.73 (0)
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