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Email Alias Manager for Exchange

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06-Dec-2013 7,854 K Win 2000/NT/XP Demo
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Exclaimer Alias Manager for Exchange is the simple way to send from multiple email addresses. Select your sending address in Outlook or add a simple tag to the subject for phone and OWA. Pricing is per active user and a free trial is available
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Choose Your Exchange Sender Email Address
Exclaimer Alias Manager for Exchange is the simple, manageable and robust way to send from multiple email addresses while maintaining a single Exchange mailbox. That's great news when:
* You own or represent multiple companies.
* Your company just merged with another one.
* You have multiple roles and need multiple signatures.
* You want to send as several people for your own business reasons.

With Email Alias Manager
Choose the email address you want to send from when composing your email - and automatically reply to incoming message using the address they were sent to.
If you want to check the address you sent an email from then just take a look in your Sent Items folder.

Using an Outlook Add In
Our Outlook Add In puts a drop down on every new mail window so you can choose to send from any email address set up for your Exchange mailbox.
Select the address and that's the one the recipient will get the message from our robust Exchange Transport Agent technology, field tested in our world class signature products, ensures it.

Or Your Smartphone
When you're using OWA or your mobile, just add a tag to the message subject to select which email address to use.

We'll only let you send from an email address that's in the list of Exchange addresses for your mailbox so it's totally secure.

With Signature Integration
Alias Manager integrates perfectly with our Market-Leading and award-winning Signature products to give you the right signature for the sender that you've chosen. So, if you represent multiple organizations or have multiple roles, you'll get the right branding, and contact details on every mail that you send.

And Total Support
Email Alias Manager is licensed by Active user or you can buy a site license. Our free 30 day trial lets you try it out on every user in your organization.
As with all our products, you'll be guided and supported by our Microsoft Certified Technicians right

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