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Autoclick Pro

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Version 1.1   No Registration Required
01-Aug-2004 65 K Win 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP Freeware Never Expires
Is your wrist getting tired of all those mouse clicks?
Published by Templar Bond Autoclick Pro Home Page
Autoclick Pro is a free application that let's you assign a click location somewhere on the screen. It has a small status box to tell you about what it's doing, and places the title of the target window in the titlebar.
In Version 1.1, the interval between clicks is fully customizable, between 1 and 30,000 seconds. As well, we have a randomizer delay (another 1-30,000 seconds), which we use to randomize the interval between clicks.
Another great feature is Autoclick Pro's auto-return feature. The mouse now returns instantly to its original location, so you are never interrupted in your work - it's like the click never happened.
For animation lovers, Autoclick Pro also will animate its mouse click, by moving the mouse over to the target location, clicking, and returning to the starting position.

If a single repetitive mouse click is what you need help with, Autoclick Pro is the solution you need!

It's free, and it works!

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