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Send SMS

Send SMS

Description | Screenshot | Comments (134) | Download

allow786 at Nov, 22 2009 wrote:

see that image
rajender at Mar, 7 2009 wrote:

after testing i will inform you

Vote: 4
thejosh at Jan, 10 2008 wrote:

upendra1024 at Nov, 6 2007 wrote:

softiceup at Oct, 14 2007 wrote:

gawand at Oct, 4 2007 wrote:

tqtqtq at Sep, 24 2007 wrote:

nhan tin vao di dong the nao vay moi ng
nyyeahyeah at Feb, 13 2007 wrote:

lam` sao ma` nt dd.c dday :M/
upendra1024 at Feb, 1 2007 wrote:

hallo zannna
upendra1024 at Feb, 1 2007 wrote:

hallo friend i am upendra this is not downloading,
upendra1024 at Feb, 1 2007 wrote:

zanna2203 at Feb, 1 2007 wrote:

how are you!
nquyetthang2410 at Jan, 12 2007 wrote:

a lo co ai o nha ko
thieuvitaminyeu at Sep, 30 2006 wrote:

thu may nhan tin dtdd
maya1976 at Sep, 12 2006 wrote:

chintin at Sep, 4 2006 wrote:

ahsanlay at Aug, 30 2006 wrote:

hello! how are you? ahsan.
hajo at Aug, 30 2006 wrote:

hai sai how are you
Jessi at Aug, 25 2006 wrote:

Ckemi Xhesi si po ja kalon pushimet verore?
layalic at Aug, 23 2006 wrote:

trandinhduc at Aug, 20 2006 wrote:

Hi . How can send SMS free to Phone 848730 ?. PM me Y!M : . Thank . I wanting people help me .

Vote: 10
caradine at Aug, 9 2006 wrote:

salut c'est moi kassi
nagu_bhat at Aug, 9 2006 wrote:

hi this is the new software try it
nagu_bhat at Aug, 9 2006 wrote:

hi how r u
azhi at Aug, 5 2006 wrote:

jose at Aug, 3 2006 wrote:


Vote: 10
beatrix1980 at Aug, 3 2006 wrote:

it is cool

Vote: 8
zam8 at Jul, 24 2006 wrote:


Vote: 9
sherry at Jul, 24 2006 wrote:

hi nancy i miss you you can send me a message theought your phone it is the same money . what did mumy tell nashwa i want to know. i dont know if i were mistaken but i have i gut feeling that they manipulated me i dont can any moe i already drpped the matter but it broke my heart still . i love you young one you are my one and only soul mate say hi to mumy and dad love you
adrian1717 at Jul, 23 2006 wrote:

csa mit csinalsz ?

Vote: 10
beksi at Jul, 12 2006 wrote:

hey .....................................

Vote: 9
sawe at Jul, 10 2006 wrote:


Vote: 10
behailu at Jul, 7 2006 wrote:

hi netsi

Vote: 10
MAJORKA at Jul, 6 2006 wrote:

mmmm at Jul, 4 2006 wrote:

law lasa bat7beny kalmeny ana ba7bk ana mistaneky
wgt_zonk at Jul, 3 2006 wrote:

Agis musisz i powiedziec kiedy bedziesz na necie a ja jeszcze musze spisac numer budki pozatym jutro sobie kupie karte to postaram sie zadzwonic pisz mi smsy ja narazie ie am jak ; ((( KC ; *****
petuut at Jun, 29 2006 wrote:

the best way to send sms

Vote: 10
petuut at Jun, 29 2006 wrote:

chimnhan2003 at Jun, 29 2006 wrote:

thu may

Vote: 10
chimnhan2003 at Jun, 29 2006 wrote:

Khang at Apr, 25 2006 wrote:


Vote: 9
sreevibin12 at Apr, 19 2006 wrote:

fine and how

Vote: 10
sreevibin12 at Apr, 19 2006 wrote:

how are you
awit at Apr, 18 2006 wrote:

abg dah sampai ofis
neomax at Apr, 15 2006 wrote:

Hi neomax_xp test
cool_dude0701 at Apr, 12 2006 wrote:

how to download this thing
hotboymax3 at Apr, 8 2006 wrote:

somaashish at Apr, 6 2006 wrote:

hi r u all?? i am fine ..will call u 2day....pinkey
21269956990 at Mar, 27 2006 wrote:

thank u so muchh
kalpesh1259 at Mar, 16 2006 wrote:

this is not work
donati at Feb, 4 2006 wrote:

Ciao Alketa! Non sono sicuro che questo sms ti arriver! Spero di s! Giorgio.

Vote: 10
donati at Feb, 4 2006 wrote:

Ciao Alketa! Giorgio....

Vote: 10
robadavison at Jan, 30 2006 wrote:

Not there, or you cannot get to it via here. Bad links.

Vote: 1
sutiono at Nov, 16 2005 wrote:

Uji coba kirim sms
mafyouzi at Nov, 15 2005 wrote:


Vote: 8
Dewahyoe at Nov, 13 2005 wrote:

Got interested
diellor at Nov, 12 2005 wrote:

dolls2000 at Nov, 12 2005 wrote:

hello you dqsdsqd
Sulastowo at Oct, 20 2005 wrote:

I've been try this software. And it didn't work.
buffer at Sep, 12 2005 wrote:

thuhien at Sep, 4 2005 wrote:

Toi la mot nguoi dang lam mot chuong trinh thu nghiem.Trong chuong trinh cua toi co mot phan la gui ket qua den may di dong cua nguoi dung.Neu ban co the chi cho minh cach viet chuong trinh nhu tren duoc ko.Minh cam on ban nhieu