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23-Jul-2010 51,288 K Win XP Shareware
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EasyLinkMail is an email efficiency tool that intelligently groups and display emails that are important to you based on your viewing habits. View attachments/emails from a person or organization without doing any searching or manual organization.
Published by KM Sciences Inc. EasyLinkMail Home Page
EasyLinkMail is an email organization and display tool that gives you answers instantly. There is no need to hunt for information in your mailbox anymore. Point...clicks and you see results. EasyLinkMail is an Answer Tool, not an outdated search tool. The engine implements a technology that displays what is important to you... not just give you a list for you to peruse. Thanks to the display structure of EasyLinkMail, time is no longer wasted sifting through duplicates, forwarded and multiple replies or having to manually reconstruct similar email conversations.

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