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04-Mar-2009 900 K Win 98/2000/NT/ME/XP Shareware Never Expires
Netviewer for desktop sharing with up to four computers; useful for Web-based support, remote maintenance, meetings, etc.
Published by Netviewer AG Netviewer Meet Free Personal Edition Home Page
Netviewer: Remote maintenance, desktop sharing, online conferences for up to four computers!
With Netviewer Meet Personal Edition you will need only a few seconds to establish a secure connection with up to three remote computers.

- Control a remote computer as if you were sitting in front of it.
- Hold online conferences with multiple people.
- Work, learn, and edit documents with other people over the Internet.
- Remote computers/conference participants always participate for free.

From the European market leader in remote maintenance software and online conferences.

Netviewer Meet combines the benefits of conventional video conferences with remote access and more straightforward operating procedures. You only need a PC with an Internet connection. Up to three session partners with PCs or Macs can participate.

The conferencing program is started directly from the Internet. You can connect with other people's computers in just a few seconds:
As the initiator of a Netviewer session, the program will assign you a six-digit number. You share this number with your session participants or send them a direct invitation link. The session participants either click on the link you provide or start the free Participant program from the Netviewer website. When the program starts, they enter the six-digit number. You and other participants can immediately view a common desktop, switch to another participant's desktop, and even remotely control a third-party computer once approval is received.
For support, remote maintenance, Web conferences, training, project meetings, sales Webinars. Includes file transfer, the ability to change direction of viewing, Whiteboard, Skype plug-in, video transmission, chat, and free telephoning between all participants.

Prices: Netviewer Meet Free Personal Edition is free for private users. A small monthly charge applies if used for commercial purposes; updates included.

The application must not be installed; installation of Netviewer plug-ins in other applications (such as Microsoft Office) is optional.

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