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Hotsoft HFTP

Hotsoft HFTP

Description | Screenshot | Comments (0) | Download

View screenshot of Hotsoft HFTPHotsoft HFTP is a new FTP client software.The most noticeable and also the most important quality HFTP has is that it is more stable and much faster while using much less your system resources than any other FTP client. It will surely give you a new view on FTp client because of the technological breakthrough HFTP brought to you.

1. This is a true, powerful multiple sites management FTP client software that can manage 200 sites simultaneously at most with the flexible views environment that make it easier for you to locate and place anythng on servers and on local and to manage them as if in the way you can freely operate the local drives in windows explorer.

2. All the tasks run in the background. HFTP never locks working-views in order to let you continue your other jobs without delay. This software doesn't keep you waiting unless the server restricts the number of connection or your machine is not fast enough or your bandwidth is too narrow.

3. Real support for site to site transfer. HFTP is able to transfer files and directories from one site to another no matter whether the server itself supports site to site transfer function or not because of HFTP's powerful multiple sites management function. It's more practical and easier in
transferring files betweent sites.

4. The new scheduled list function is the basis for anaging multiple sites. You can use one thread to accomplish the task of uploading or downloading. Resuming interupted transferring is supported only if the server supports it. Currrently, the scheduled list just supports server to local and local to server operation.

5. A superior file transfer client lets you efficiently upload, download. send, receive, resume, synchronize with unmatched stability and speed by using Scheduled list, Manual control Center which is a FTP standard commands based tool or by dragging and dropping between sites-sites and local-sites.

Download Hotsoft HFTP Now Download Hotsoft HFTP

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Download Hotsoft HFTP Now Download Hotsoft HFTP

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Version: 3.69
Released: Jan, 2 2003
License: Shareware, $31.95
Expires: Expires after 30 Days

File size: 1,773 K
Platforms: Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98
Downloads: 13

Hotsoft HFTP is a true multi-sites FTP client, which manages 200 sites simultaneously at most.


Hotsoft HFTP page at FreewareSeek

Developer: Hotsoft

Hotsoft page at FreewareSeek

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