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Version 1.2   Online Registration Not Yet Available
13-Mar-2006 4,882 K Win 2000/XP Shareware
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webcamAMP is a webcam enhancement utility that allows you full control to express your personality and creativity through your webcam image, not only can you add subtitles and overlays but you can send yourlive cam to several programs simultaneously
Published by KV Designs webcamAMP Home Page
People will enthusiastically join into busy webcam websites and programs, they will even invest money to do so. But they will put little or no thought into making it easier for their viewers to know them. Whether you have a webcam or not, webcamAMP provides several tools to effectively communicate through your favorite webcam programs simultaneously, with enough flexibility to let your individuality and creativity really shine through. making it easier for the people who view you, to know you, and perhaps make it easier to create meaningful friendships in the process. Please visit the developers website above for more detailed info on the capabilities of webcamAMP, and to ensure you have the most recent version, or to suggest new features. webcamAMP is the webcam AMPlifier ..Check it out!! webcamAMP is compatible with Netmeeting, ICUII, ISPQ, Anywebcam, Jmeeting, Meetcam and many other popular videoconference programs, andbest of all you can send live cam to them all simultaneously!!

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