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30-Nov-2005 171 K Win 2000/XP Freeware Never Expires
MessengerRank is a ranking system for MSN Messenger, the add-on counts the amount of keys you type and updates your keycount to our website and shows you within our leaderboards....
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MessengerRank is a add-on for MSN Messenger and it relates to MessengerRank.com. It is a ranking system that counts the number of keys a user presses whem Instant Messaging their friends. The user can send the data manually or it can be updated automatically every 60mins (this can be changed in the settings). Once an update has been done it will update that users profile on MessengerRank.com. The homepage of MessengerRank.com shows Daily, Weekly, Monthly and World Records... The user has a profile, they can add a JPG Display Picture (96x96), this profile can be checked out by any of our visitors to see how many keys you have typed and what position you are in our leaderboards. Also the profile displays the last 7 days activity of that user... NOTE: The application ONLY records the key COUNT and not what the user types! It only adds 1 to the total key count every time a user presses a key.

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