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Version 1.0   Online Registration Not Yet Available
07-May-2005 22 K Multi; Linux; Win XP Shareware
Never Expires
Interactive flash character with a human voice and lip synchronization.
Published by The Bot Factory Alfredo Talking Bot Home Page
Alfredo is a highly-customizable chat bot which you can put on any PHP/MySQL website. He accepts input from the keyboard and responds in a human voice (optionally your own) with perfect lip synchronization. His input/output patterns are easily programmed in a simple markup language called AIML. Alfredo can be Jessica the saleslady, Ronald the teacher, Marian the site guide, Erwin the troubadour or any other implementation you can think of.

- Fully customizable: look, mind and voice.
- Unique combination of recorded human voice and Artificial Intelligence.
- Runs in your own server space, so no monthly fees and no limit to your number of audio streams.
- Can be integrated into any PHP/MYSQL Forum/Bulletin Board/CMS Portal.
- Works with any web browser. Extensively tested in IE and Firefox.
- One-time-price: $15.

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