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Version 5.0   No Registration Required
24-Apr-2008 8,656 K Win 2000/XP Freeware Never Expires
Instan-t 5.0 is a very effective Instant Messaging software that connects users to the five major IM networks (AOL, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo! and Google Talk), allowing the exchange of instant messages using a single application.
Published by Interactive Networks Instan-t Home Page
Instan-t 5.0 can be used behind a proxy or firewall which makes it ideal for use both at home and at work. With users all around the world, Instan-t doesn't have annoying ads and it is offered as a freeware version by IM solution developer Interactive Networks Inc.

It’s all about bringing IM together, making it easier and quicker. Users can easily access to their Instan-t account from the web and their mobile, through Instan-t Express and Instan-t Mobile

The biggest features in this update are:

•Interoperability with Google Talk, MSN, Yahoo!, AOL and ICQ
•Multi-person chat with voice and video
•Multiple ways to see your contact list
•Support for tabs in message window
•Contact list search
•Rename contacts on all networks
•Display picture
•Custom status text
•Webcam as display picture
•Improved toaster (online notification)

About the company

Interactive Networks Inc. has been developing and selling innovative instant messaging solutions since 2001. The company specializes on secure private instant messaging solutions for enterprises and custom IM solutions for internet services.

For further information, visit http://www.interactiveni.com

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