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15-Sep-2004 1,000 K Win 3.X/95/98/NT/ME/XP Freeware Never Expires
An Intelligent Search Toolbar automatically generates results relevant to the search needs of a web surfer based on the browsing behavior.
Published by nethui.com Intelligent Search Toolbar Home Page
We have developed a search toolbar that generate search results based on the browsing behavior of a web surfer. Suppose when a user searches or visits a web site related to ?games?, our search toolbar generates search results related to ?games? from all over the Internet. In this way users get most relevant and targeted search results related to their search needs in seconds without wasting hours in surfing. Our toolbar also saves search results in favorites for future use. A desktop search box also gets installed with this toolbar which provide facility to web surfers to search sites directly from their desktops.

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