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08-Jun-2004 5,500 K Win 98/2000/NT/ME/XP Shareware
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Make your FTP work effortless. Handy FTP Client with a huge set of features.
Published by AlexBuzaev FTPCaptain Home Page
Make your FTP work effortless. If you frequently upload or download
web pages to the Internet, you need the new FtpCaptain. FTPCaptain is
now the most powerful multitasking utility that is still quite easy
use. It re-starts and completes file transfers even if the connection
has been interrupted. Using FTPCaptain, you can easily delete one
or whole folders, and keep the FTP connection open when the program
idle or display hidden server directories. FTPCaptain has some
exclusive features. Now you can edit files or view images thanks to
FTPCaptain's built-in viewer. FTPCaptain is compatible with all types
of servers.

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