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07-Jun-2004 432,000 K Win 2000/NT/XP Freeware Never Expires
Pluck: search, retrieve & share the best of the web. Sort & filter Google, Amazon & eBay with PowerSearch. Retrieve your news in one browser with RSS Reader. Share URLs & web page folders with Sharing. Access & manage bookmarks anywhere with My Web.
Published by Pluck Corporation Pluck Home Page
Pluck Corp., a software company dedicated to making it easier to find and manage Internet information, offers Pluck, which integrates with Microsoft Internet Explorer, is available as a free download.
As people rely more and more on Web information for both personal and business use, they realize the process of gathering, storing and sharing it is cumbersome, involving many different Web sites and multiple applications, including Web browsers, e-mail systems and file management applications.
Pluck provides a rich set of capabilities that solve this problem -- all in a single application integrated into the most commonly used Web browser, Microsoft Internet Explorer. Features available in Pluck include:
-- Pluck Power Search: allows users to search, sort and filter results from popular search and ecommerce sites, such as Google, eBay and Amazon.com. Users can view a complete list of search results through a "double-pane view." The view looks much like what a user sees in Microsoft Outlook when accessing incoming e-mail with the preview pane activated. This allows users to more quickly find and view the information they need from search results.
-- Pluck Sharing: allows users to share favorite Web pages with friends and co-workers with one-click of the mouse. Web pages are instantly available in "active" shared folders that can be viewed by authorized users. This encourages collaboration and eliminates the need for users to constantly e-mail links they want to share.
-- Pluck RSS Reader: gives users direct access to continuous news feeds from thousands of XML-enabled online information sources, including magazines, Web sites, blogs and more. Also allows users to filter news and search on topics of interest.
-- Pluck My Web: an integrated bookmark manager that lets users organize, add comments to and access Web links in a simple, easy-to-use interface. The application also synchronizes bookmarks between multiple computers.

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