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Cyber Agent

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Version 2.0.4   Online Registration Not Yet Available
01-May-2004 3,652 K Win 98/2000/NT/ME/XP Shareware
Expires after 10 Uses
Find, download, encrypt and view, pictures & videos. Block popups, manage cookies, protect your privacy while you surf the web. Erase your Internet tracks & manage all your Instant Messengers. While the "Hide" Boss Key ensures you don't get caught.
Published by System Six Software Cyber Agent Home Page
Cyber Agent allows you surf the Internet while protecting your privacy. Built in popup blocker technology protects you from annoying advertisements while the cookie spy allows you to manage what cookies are stored on you system. If you need to quickly hide what you are doing hit the boss key and Cyber Agent is instantly hidden. If you run across pictures or videos you would like to download simply drag and drop them in the download manager or right click and execute the page as a mission to extract all pictures and videos. You can store pictures and videos in there respective modules and feel comfortable knowing that the files are encrypted and protected from prying eyes. You can manage your media files in albums for easy access and create picture slide shows and video playlist. You can create, save, edit and delete and unlimited number of slide shows and playlists. Imagine being able to play 50 short 15 second videos all as one long video, while continuing to surf the internet all in one easy to use program. You can also share pictures and videos with your friends by exporting them and you have the choice of exporting files as individual files, zip files and the options to encrypt the exported files. The Import feature allows you to import encrypted zip files and regular media files. You also have total control over your privacy by setting the level of Internet activity cleanup to be performed with Cyber Agent is closed. As an added bonus you can also host your favorite instant messengers within the Instant Messengers module. This allows you to easily organize multiple instant messengers in one easy to use interface while being protected by the instant Hide Hot key incase you need to quickly hide what you are doing.

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