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Version 2.4   No Registration Required
01-Nov-2003 6,000 K Win 98/2000/NT/XP Freeware Never Expires
Download as Batch is a small program to download one url and save it as a local file. It can be used in batches, it defines an %errorlevel% and it works with username / password, if the http-address needs an authentification.
Published by Juergen Auer Download as Batch Home Page
Sometimes you need files - new pages, virus definitions, an update of a pdf-file. Most download-manager are big and great, this solution is very small. Start it with url and local-filename, add username and password - the program loads the address, save it as a local file and sets %errorlevel% = 0. If there are http-errors, you can read the errorlevel.

In batches, you can use the for /f - solution to get url and local filename from a textfile.

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