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Version 1.3.5   Online Registration Not Yet Available
05-Apr-2004 1,171 K Win 98/2000/NT/ME/XP Shareware
Expires after 30 Days
HDftp is an easy to use FTP client that supports such features as drag-and-drop file transfer, folder bookmarks and fully customizable toolbar. Yet, it can be instantly transformed into a standalone FTP server that can be used with any FTP client.
Published by Choung Networks Inc. HDftp Home Page
HDftp is an easy to use FTP client. Yet, it can be instantly transformed into a standalone, ready-to-use FTP server just with a couple of mouse clicks. As a FTP client, you can use HDftp to connect to any FTP server and retrieve or store files. When HDftp is transformed into a server, you can easily let others to connect to your system and allow uploading or downloading files with any FTP client including Internet Explorer and Netscape.

By using HDftp, you can share your files with your friends or family without having to register for any file-sharing service. No matter what OS they use, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, FreeBSD, AIX or Solaris, your files can be shared as long as the Internet connection is available.

HDftp supports drag-and-drop file transfer, folder bookmarks and includes fully customizable Microsoft Office XP style toolbar system which is integrated with its Server Address Book for 1-click access.

[ Key Features ]

- Drag-and-Drop File Transfer.
- Server Address Book.
- Folder Bookmarks.
- Fully Customizable Microsoft Office XP style Toolbar.
- File Transfer Queue.
- Upload and Download File Resuming.
- Smart Content-Based File Type Detection.
- File Verification with MD5 Checksum.
- Integrated Personal FTP Server.

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