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Version 3   Online Registration Not Yet Available
01-Jun-2001 17,000 K Win 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP Shareware
Expires after 30 Days
Professional Digital Image Management Solution for home and professional use
Published by Mario M. Westphal IMatch Home Page
IMatch 3 combines features currently only available only in high-priced professional image management systems in a single application.
IMatch comes with an easy to use and fully customizable user interace, suitable for all types of users.

With IMatch, you not only get a professional image database, with features like:

- Unlimited number of images per database
- Physical and Logical Views on your images
- Unmatched selection and query features with over 30 attributes you can search on
- State-of-the-Art image matching features based on color, shape, and texture
- Comfortable handling for images stored on external media and off-line media
- Flexible categorizing concept with IMatch's unique Dynamic Categories concept
- Image Editor targeted at enhancing images with over 50 supported file formats
- XML-based Property Database for associating any type of information with your images
- Numerous import and export filters for bitmap, XML, IPTC and text formats
- Complete 260+ pages manual in PDF-format included

You also get advanced features that usually
require extra applications:

- Built-in IPTC Editor for captioning images based on the IPTC standard
- Contact Sheet Builder with many options and professional out for screen and pre-press
- Batch Converter to convert images into over 50 different file formats, performing image manipulation, adding backgrounds, borders, watermarks, copyright and text on the fly
- Smart Rename Feature for renaming images in batch with regular expressions
- HTML Generator to create image catalogs
- Full-featured and easy to learn scripting language to extend the built-in functionality and to perform frequent tasks in batch

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