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Version 4.0   Online Registration Not Yet Available
07-Dec-2000 1,030 K Win 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP Shareware
free for non-commercial use
Enables file export from 3D Studio MAX R3 to ADG File Format for Web Publishing.
Published by Albatross Design Group, Inc. ADG 3D Exporter for 3DS MAX (R) Home Page
Design interactive, realistic 3D multimedia or business presentations & interactive online multi-user games for the Web using a powerful set of tools from Albatross Design Group, Inc. for precision previewing, real time rendering, animating, debugging and interactive manipulating of complex 3D-scenes, panoramas, models can contain animations featuring sound and varying degrees of interactivity. ADG Plug-in for 3DS Max (R), Version 4.0. Has buit-in ADG Viewer 4.0. Enables file export and view of animated models in ADG Format.
ADG is a new binary PC file format for creation, delivery, viewing and controlling of 3D objects on the Internet. ADG file is very compact and specifically designed for faster viewing time. It can be viewed by ADG Pure Java Viewer that eliminates a Plug-in installation and gives a platform independent use on the Internet. You can dynamically rotate a 3D model , see all sides and instantly get the nonstandard views that can help in comprehension how that thing is going to look from the bottom left. You can change view point and zoom and manually control the motion.
ADG Exporter 4.0 is fully functional and free for non-commercial use. All output contains watermark "Non-Commercial License", which can be removed with the purchase of a license. The
starting registration price is $249.00 plus $10.00 per ADG Registration Key. A key is required for each Web composition designed for commercial use.

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