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05-May-2010 3,500 K Win 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP Shareware
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ZOOM is a powerful tool to magnify, capture, paint (!), track caret, measure lengths-angles and pick colors from images and Screen, in real time. An handy graphic editor allows adding graphic comments to images (with recording and playing changes)
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Zoom is a program that allows you to magnify any portion of screen in real time: it displays images by following the mouse or by remaining stationary and it allows you also to drag and to magnify areas with custom sizes.
It allows you also to do the following:

- Capture, magnify, resize, copy, save, print the images
- Select, copy and save colors and related values in 7 different formats (Hex, RGB, HTML, VB, C++, Delphi, Frontpage)
- Measure and select regions, lengths and angles (in pixel, cm, inch units )
- Display current cursor shape, 4 grids, 2 on screen rulers (in pixel, cm, inch units )
- Track caret ( = text insertion point) following any typed character on the centre of its window
- Freeze mouse focus or move mouse with accuracy from keyboard (at 1 pixel step)
- Handy dock to screen borders, full screen view, hide titlebar
- Paint on the screen (!) or edit images by highlighting, magnifying, underlining, adding symbols, backgrounds etc. (and by recording and playing changes in a sequenced slide show, like a movie)

- It is possible to modify the functions on demand; ActiveX control available for developers
- The Drag&Mag function is also available as a stand alone program
versions with accessibility features for visually impaired people and
with stretching feature for distortion correction are also available
- Available in English and Italian.

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