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Version 5.0.7   Online Registration Not Yet Available
14-Nov-2004 4,042 K Win 98/2000/NT/ME/XP Shareware Never Expires
Create self-contained, single-file executable slideshows, photo albums, and screen savers. Generate web photo galleries. Upload file sets to USENET newsgroups. Firehand Lightning is the photo display and distribution system for Windows!
Published by Firehand Technologies Corporation Firehand Lightning Free Home Page
Start with a group of photos. Add background imagery, voice annotations, free-form captions, searchable keywords, a multi-track background score, a title page, and other presentation elements.

Now the fun begins.

Use Lightning's contact sheet export module to instantly generate a graphical index of the photo set. Use Lightning's HTML export module to automatically create a fully-formed web gallery as "trick" as any on the 'Net. Use Lightning's USENET export module to publish the photo set on news servers all over the world. Use Lightning's other export modules to generate single-file executable slideshows, photo albums, and screen savers that will run on any Windows computer. Lightning can even burn photo presentation CDs that automatically run when dropped in a computer CD drive!

Lightning version 5, with its new Wizard interface, floating help, and enhanced support for format templates, is so simple to use that in minutes you'll be generating photo presentations that will absolutely delight you. But don't be misled by Lightning's ease-of-use. Lightning may be the best thing that ever happened to last year's family vacation photos, but it is built atop technology powerful enough for demanding commercial use. In fact, Lightning is the choice of professionals all over the world for the production of electronic brochures, commercial photo collections, and secure photographic proof sets.

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