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03-Jan-2005 2,900 K Win 2000/NT/XP Free Beta Never Expires
LuaMat is an easy to use script language for visual effects and image processing. LuaMat runs as stand-alone console interpreter. It includes the most popular algorithms of Image Processing and Computer Vision.
Published by op-fx LuaMat Home Page
LuaMat is dedicated to Image Processing and visual effects. It is based on Lua 5. The main functions are :
*JPEG,BMP,TIFF,GIF reader/writer,
* visualization,
* image arithmetic and logic operators,
* matrix linear algebra,
* morphology,
* edges detection,
* segmentation functions,
* Perlin 2D textures generation.

It works with images in bytes or in floating points, 1, 2 (complex images) or 3 channels.

Luamat is usefull for image transformations, batch processing or rapid prototyping of algorithms. It runs as a stand-alone interpreter under Windows. Reference manual included as winhelp file.

Lua was chosen for its speed and for its simple syntax (commonly used as scripting language for video games engines).

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