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Version 3.7.340.0   Online Registration Not Yet Available
06-Dec-2006 2,300 K Win 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP Shareware Expires after 30-60 days.
Versatile and fast tool for visualizing and interconverting GDSII, Gerber and DXF file formats. EVTView allows you to view, print, and explore your layouts.
Published by Expedient Viewing Technologies, Inc. EVTView Home Page
The EVTView is a fast viewer and an exploration tool intended for professionals who work with the GDSII and GERBER files. It allows you to view, print, and investigate the layouts stored in both file formats. With conversion package, you can export the data into DXF, GDSII, Gerber, image (BMP, JPEG, and PNG; up to 10000x10000 pixels) and PostScript (PS) files.

Key Features

* View quickly GDSII, GERBER, DXF, and Excellon drill files.
* Display your layout in (i) "outlined", "filled", or "solid" view, (ii) color or black-and-white.
* View the structures/cells/blocks/apertures individually.
* Navigate easily with dynamic zoom and pan within the layout window and/or with the help of the Bird's Eye window.
* Export the data from you layout into the DXF, GDSII, Gerber, image (BMP, JPEG, and PNG; up to 10000x10000 pixels), and PostScript file format. The best possible effort will be done to preserve both the design intent and the overall view of the layout. (Note: This feature is available in EVTView with conversion package only.)
* Boolean and Compare tools for GDS files.
* Explore your layout with the "on-fly" tools: Distance, Angle, Fill Ratio, and Entity Info.
* See the fine details of your layout with configurable Magnifying Glass and Magnifying Window.
* Print current or full view of your layout on monochrome or color printers. Also you can define the box within layout that will be used for printing.
* Create your own layer settings (i.e. colors, fill patterns, and visibilities) and store them in the file for the future use.
* Store snap-shots of current or full views of your layout within the image files (BMP, JPEG, and PNG).
* Extract the information about the structures/blocks.
* See the structure tree of your layout.

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