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16-Apr-2012 3,300 K Win XP Shareware
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S_MERGE is a versatile tool for merging up to 8 images and text. Easy relative alignment of images with optional effects applied to the individual images.
Published by venning S_Merge Home Page
S_MERGE is a versatile tool for merging up to 8 images or text. Useful for inserting a watermark in your pictures.
Total flexibility in alignment of the images such as scaling, relative positioning and rotation is allowed with many options available for blending the images together. Collaging of the images is easy with options to set number of columns and rows and the amount of gap between images.
Apply invidual image options such as cylindrical panoramic projection, overlaying a dotted and/or a solid line grid on to the image, pincushion/barrel distortion correction, skewing and trapezoidal distortion.
When all done save all of, or part of the image to a file.

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