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Description | Screenshot | Comments (0) | Download

View screenshot of BetterJPEGBetterJPEG is a JPEG editor specifically designed to avoid recompression loss when editing and resaving JPEG photos. BetterJPEG takes advantage of the fact that JPEG images consist of a number of small independent blocks and does not recompress blocks that don't have to be changed, retaining original quality and sampling settings.

The list of lossless operations supported by BetterJPEG covers the essentials of digital photo processing, which, in combination with intuitive GUI and state-of-the-art image processing algorithms, makes it an indispensable tool for digital camera owners. BetterJPEG makes it easy to quickly process multiple images.

Main features:
  • Lossless transformations - rotation, flip
  • Lossless crop (free, fixed aspect, fixed size, predefined and user-defined aspects and sizes)
  • Highly customizable lossless date/EXIF info/text insertion. Flexible templates allow to imprint data directly from metadata contained in images: comment, date, time, exposure, f-number, ISO, focal length, device make and model, file name, copyright sign and add your own description to images.You can select the desired language, font face, size, color, background, opacity, placement, date/time format, etc.
  • Advanced lossless red eye removal BetterJPEG does not simply desaturate the pupil or do a color replacement, instead it utilizes a sophisticated technique allowing to remove the red tint without affecting other color channels, giving the eyes a natural look. It also performs antialiasing to avoid jagging on the pupil's edge. Sensitivity and darkening can be adjusted for better look. Pixels outside the edited area don't get recompressed.
  • Copy/Paste to external editor and back allows for local retouching or watermark/banner insertion without full recompression.
  • Fast one-by-one image processing (viewer-like forward-back directory navigation)
  • Multi-level Undo/Redo
  • Metadata preservation
  • Compression optimization

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    Download BetterJPEG Now Download BetterJPEG

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    Released: Aug, 2 2004
    License: Shareware, $19.95
    Expires: Expires after 30 Days

    File size: 387 K
    Platforms: Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98
    Downloads: 201

    BetterJPEG is a JPEG editor specifically designed to avoid recompression loss when editing and resaving photos. Rotation, flip, crop, red eye removal, date/text/EXIF data imprint and more. Intuitive GUI allows for fast processing of multiple images.


    BetterJPEG page at FreewareSeek

    Developer: betterjpeg

    betterjpeg page at FreewareSeek

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