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21-Aug-2003 2,615 K Win 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP Shareware
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Prepare you PowerPoint presentations for distribution and autorun CD.
Published by ALADat, Inc. and Sonia Coleman PowerLink Plus Home Page
PowerLink™ Plus is the most effective tool available to help you prepare your Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations for distribution. All you have to do is point to your presentation file and PowerLink™ Plus will create a distribution project which contains your presentation file and any linked files for the presentation. Not only will PowerLink™ Plus compile all the linked files in one location but PowerLink™ Plus will also convert the links in any presentation file to be relative. By using the PowerLink™ technology, you no longer have to worry about your links in PowerPoint presentations when distributing them. PowerLink Plus also includes the PowerPoint Viewer in the project as well as the required files for creating an autorun CD. By simply pointing to your main presentation file, PowerLink Plus will create an autorun CD project of your presentation and prepare the presentation and all liked files for distribution.

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