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21-Sep-2009 2,075 K Win 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP Freeware
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ZoomMagic is the professional's tool to magnify screenportions, measure distances or capture a screen area. A must have tool for anybody hunting for those lost pixels. Special support for visual impaired users included.
Published by PeakStars ZoomMagic Home Page
ZoomMagic is a powerful tool to magnify any portion of your screen, measure distances or capture a screen area. Targeted users are: designers and developers on the hunt for those lost pixels .. or in the need for a fast screencapture, users with visual impairments or anybody who needs to find the shortest way between A and B or quickly zoom into a screen portion. Its unique and precise technique of displaying the content of the graphiccard easily allows to measure distances or areas in the units you need (cm,inches..) or select and capture a screenarea to clipboard or file (jpg, gif, bmp..++).

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