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18-Dec-2002 20,527 K Linux; Win 98/2000/NT/ME/XP Shareware
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Multi-media photo albums and slide shows can be developed with audio and video
Published by Technical Avenues Corporation Flexible multi-media album Home Page
Digital photo albums can be developed in such a way that with
one click of the mouse all the photos can be seen in
chronological order, or according to people categories,
location categories or subject categories. Not only photos,
but all relevant information for the photos can be kept
associated with the photos in this album. The associated
information can be text, tabular information, digital music
or video files. And the album can be seen in a slide-
show manner with automatic scrolling. You can have digital
music or videos playing automatically during the slide show.

You can generate html pages providing the same flexible viewing according to categories and these pages can be readily uploaded to a web site. These pages have functionality for multi-media slide show also which can be seen just using a web browser. There is no need for additional viewer software. All the associted audio and video files are played automatically during the slide show.

The album can also be shared with others using the internet
without any uploads to any web sites, if you prefer it. In this way all the photos stay
only on your computer and you also have a log of all the
activities as to who saw what photos at what time.

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