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Picture Collection Browser

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01-Mar-2012 2,221 K Win XP Shareware
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The fastest and most convenient way to browse your personal image library
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Picture Collection Browser lets you see folders and image files as snapshots. In this folder explorer software folder icons are replaced with preview images of what is inside. That gives you a brand new look of your image library no matter how big and complex it is. Look at the screenshots to see what we are talking about.

Most software let you only see everything in folder-view mode. It can become really frustrating to blindly navigate through massive folder tree structures before you finally get to see visual snapshots of the images located in bottom-most folders. Picture Collection Browser lets you see everything in visual dimension. This way you get a preview image for each parent folder no matter how deep the catalog tree is. No more clicking/expanding through identical folder icons before reaching to files.

Picture Collection Browser is also the fastest image viewing software available today! It allows you to browse through millions of pictures stored on your multiple media devices and hard drives with flash speed. You will be amazed how quickly it generates preview snapshots of hundreds of images at the same time.

The program supports all necessary file management function, including moving and copying bulk files to different locations. Now you can add your favorite titles and galleries to favorites, search for folders, go back in browsing history, and even add graphic tags to the folders and the image you like the most.

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