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Pickle-Fast Photo Finder

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02-Dec-2002 5,774 K Win 95/98/ME/XP Shareware
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Forget filenames! With PICKLE you control your digital pictures by keywords- who, where or what's in the picture- then print them with the captions automatically on the page! Or gather them for your presentation program in an instant- by keyword!
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THE Solution to Finding and Organizing Your Digital Photos
PICKLE-Fast Foto Finder is software that was written to FIND specific digital images quickly. From the beginning of development; it was recognized that speed of use was key to it's usefulness. If it takes too long to setup or use, most people will not do it or at least not keep up with it.
PICKLE; PICture Keyword Label Editor Software allows you to quickly add keyword labels to your photos, enabling fast organization and retrieval of desired photos.

PICKLE works by creating a searchable database of keywords that you have associated with each image. No change is made to the image file and the image file doesn't have to be moved.
.. Example:SEARCH-If you have 9000 pictures scattered on your hard drive and wanted to see only the sunsets! Ask Pickle- it will tellyou how many sunsets you have- and let you select from them. But how many pictures of Aunt Mabel are in those sunsets? PicKLE knows!

...PRINT- Let's print those pictures of Aunt Mabel.The problem with most Photo album software is (the ones that allow captions) is that you have to type your caption over and over and over.
Boring and time consuming. With PicKLE just go to the print menu and select 2, 4 or 12 per page. click print, and watch your photos come out of the printer- with captions and locations all ready for you to enjoy.
..SLIDESHOW - Oh Oh! Who's coming up the lane but Aunt Mabel. Quick. Start pickle- select Mabel from the list, Click search- Pickle found 3875 pictures of your favorite aunt. Set the slideshow to 10 seconds per picture, and you'll now have hours of free time as Aunt Mabel enjoys the show. She won't even have to ask you where or who the pictures are about because the slideshow includes the captions.
..GATHER: Select pictures you wish to use in a presentaion or email and click GATHER. The photos you want are collected in a single folder to save you hours in getting that project started!

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