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Description | Screenshot | Comments (0) | Download

You can get a full unlocked version of MusicColor by uploading any image to You can place a link and a hype near by your uploaded image.

MusicColor 2.0 has an improved Image Repainter that allows you one-click fabulous changing colors of JPEG, PNG or Bitmap images. It has a new Tosser and a new button Gold. With the Tosser you can look through 511 diverse amazing colorful modifications of the same image whithin 5 minutes and save each of them. You can use its button Gold with four predefined combinations to turn most of images like clouds, white flowers, snow, water, tree leaves into gold (see a screen shot).

You can make a Screen Shot of any part of an image and save it as a JPEG file with custom extents.

With MusicColor you can combine unlimited number of images and save the results as a JPEG file or a graphic composition. You can view images in normal and fullscreen mode (MusicColor smartly fits them into your window width), convert, enhance contrast and brightness, easily move and resize them with a mouse.

Other new features include:

  • Image-based Skins and Visualization: you can open any image as a skin or a visualization for MP3, RA, RM music files, folders and playlists (you need RealPlayer, and for online music files - MSIE 4.0 or higher), for the music from MusicColor's built-in CD player or external devices. Just double click an image.
  • an MP3 folder with random no-repeat shuffling when you double click an image to animate;
  • Flashing back the last 300 visualization frames (18 seconds, almost no memory consumption), created with the music, using FlashBack's slider and buttons.

    This major upgrade includes image-based tutorial/showcase "Creating images with MusicColor" of what can be and had been done as well as 8 great images and graphic compositions to enjoy and jump-start creating your own images.

    You can download free decent quality images (free for personal and commercial use), free 2D graphic compositions, get clues and support from

    MusicColor began with creating graphic compositions consisting of images and 2D shapes for the music visualization.

    Download MusicColor Now Download MusicColor

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    Download MusicColor Now Download MusicColor

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    Version: 2.0
    Released: Nov, 22 2001
    License: Shareware, $3.99
    Expires: Expires after 30 Days

    File size: 2,883 K
    Platforms: Windows ME/98/95
    Downloads: 61

    One-click fabulous image colors changing (gold and 100s more). Free images for personal and commercial use. ScreenShots feature. Image-based MP3, CD Audio music visualization. FlashBack. MP3,CD player


    MusicColor page at FreewareSeek

    Developer: Oleg Fedtchenko

    Oleg Fedtchenko page at FreewareSeek

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