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Version 2.4.0   No Registration Required
25-Mar-2001 145 K Win 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP Freeware Never Expires
The most advanced color picker you can find and it is free!
Published by Jens Olsson Color Explorer Home Page
Color Explorer is an extremely powerfull tool that will help you to chose the colors of your homepage, when you are programming or where else you might need to chose colors. Most other color pickers only have 3 slides where you can chose how much of red, green and blue you want to mix in your color. Color Explorer does this too but it does it better. If you for example set the green value to something, the other two color spectrums(red and blue) will update which makes it much easier to find a color you like fast. Another thing that differs Color Explorer from the ordinary color pickers is that it does not take much screenspace. That makes it possible to always have it running. Along with this the program also have a whole bunch of cool features to make it even easier for you.

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