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Description | Screenshot | Comments (0) | Download

View screenshot of ZzedSpace waste management may not sound like the most exciting carrier in the universe, but Zzed had to take the job to be able to marry his lovely green alien sweetheart. At the time, he did not know that his boss was the most corrupted extraterrestrial west of Sirius. And when he found out, he got sent away to the farthest corners of his galaxy, where he was sure to get crushed by space garbage. Will he die? Its up to you now. Even alien love stories need to have a happy end.
Zzed is a wickedly addictive space puzzler-shooter. A puzzler-shooter? Hmm Whats that? Silly you, puzzler-shooter is the fastest growing game genre in the world; it combines both qualities of puzzles (thinking, planning, analysis) and shooters (moving, shooting and other blast away type of activities). In Zzed, you are a plot of space garbage truck. The space craft is located in the middle of the screen and can rotate both clockwise or counter clockwise. You can also move the spaceship, albeit in a very small circle. A continuous flow of space junk gravitates toward you (rather fast, sometimes) and you have to destroy it, before it damages the ship. This is the action part. What makes the game tricky (and addictive) is the puzzle part. All garbage is color-coded. In order to destroy it, you have to get 3 or more pieces of garbage of the same color stuck together. Since you pilot a space garbage truck, not some super-cool X-Wing interceptor, you call only shoot with garbage pieces. Occasionally, as you get bonuses like missiles or bombs, which will allow you to feel yourself like a space commando for 0.17 seconds, but other than that, its all about waste management. Oh, and by the way, the music is cool and the graphics is excellent, provided you liked comic books when you were a kid.
Zzed is totally captivating, so get to your neighborhood supermarket and get food at least for one week ahead. Already stocked up? Download Zzed right away!

Download Zzed Now Download Zzed

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Download Zzed Now Download Zzed

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Version: 1.0
Released: Jan, 25 2005
License: Shareware, $19.95
Expires: Expiration Unknown

File size: 10,474 K
Platforms: Windows XP/ME/2000/98
Downloads: 30

Zzed is a new type of puzzler-shooter games that require quick thinking, good reaction and excellent stress management skills. If space waste management carrier sounds good to you (I promise, its fun), then download Zzed and start busting away.


Zzed page at FreewareSeek

Developer: paverl99

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