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Version 5,0,0,2   Online Registration Not Yet Available
07-May-2002 505 K Win 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP Shareware
Subscription based
NEW Light Force Interface version is out! The L'S.A.M.P. audio mastering engine / player is not just an unusually looking software that packs a large number of audio controls
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NEW Light Force Interface version is out!

The L'S.A.M.P. audio mastering engine / player is not just an unusually looking software that packs a large number of audio controls onto a screen of only 640x480 dimensions. It also happens to be a high quality audio tool which allows users to implement a number of various AudioCD mastering techniques in order to arrive at that "individual" sound which reflects the originality of mastered songs.

L'S.A.M.P. 5,0,0,2 is the work of audio mastering engineer who turned to programming in order to create a well designed digital audio mastering machine which would reflect his own experience and thoughts of what should an audio mastering device be - simple to use and yet powerful enough to implement different mastering techniques in the area of sound production.

The program is accompanied with comprehensive manuals which explain not only the specifics of the program but the general audio theory as well. The manual is available 24 hours / 7 days online at http://www.lanasoft.com/lsamp/manual Should one want to download the manual - it is also possible at http://www.lanasoft.com/lsamp

L'S.A.M.P. 5,0,o,1 features include:

- input gain module,
- high pass filter,
- 3 parametric equalizers,
- 2 compressors (one average level detection, one peak level detection),
- 3 peak distortion limiters.

The program allows you to use all of the mentioned devices in real time (i.e. you can hear the changes on the playing sound as you move wheels and other controls of the program).

The program also allows you to render the results directly to a wave file on your computer.

This makes the whole process of CD mastering rather very easy as the rendered file is ready to go onto a CD.

As well as the ease of CD production, rendering allows you to abandon the absolute need for digital i/0 cards in order to transfer mastered sound onto a recording medium, this further stretches the ability to master your project while being limited by a fixed budget.

The whole process of mastering a song onto AudioCD could not be much simpler
- select the sound file you want to master;
- play the sound and adjust controls - all in real time;
- then simply render the result into a final WAV file which is ready for AudioCD writing!

Version 5,0,0,1 was a significant "behind the scenes" upgrade which improved efficiency, resulted in better audio quality and smaller memory usage.

Who will find this program useful?

Independent musicians, DJs, Sound Effect designers, bands and other sound artists.

On many occasions, independent musicians find a way to record, mix and produce high quality works with tools that are affordable and professional. This program is aimed to deliver similar services in the area of mastering.

Go your own way and master your singles, remixes and demos.

Have an offer to get your song played on radio but cannot spend hundreds of dollars to make it sound competitive with other radio plays?

Give your sound a mastering treatment it deserves.

The power of "L'S.A.M.P." is in your hands!

Education related institutions and organizations.

The concept of compressors in general and mastering in particular represents a stumbling block for many students who aim at understanding audio production.

Simple and effective interface bundled together with comprehensive functionality makes the program an ideal tool for mastering this knowledge via both platforms: theoretical (comprehensive and simple online manuals for the program) and practical (the ability to experience and experiment with different concepts in an easy-to-use environment). Learn and understand compression, equalization and mastering - all in real time!

Recording engineers and producers.

Every professional mastering engineer will tell you that each audio processing device is different and unique, that each compressor will sound like no other. It is therefore a good idea to keep an extended collection of audio tools... This program, having at times quite different approaches in signal treatment together with planned new features for mastering, is the ideal candidate for expanding such a collection.

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