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Version 1.1   No Registration Required
03-Jan-2002 650 K Win 95/98/2000/ME/XP Freeware Never Expires
ScoreExtractor is a program that can help you manually convert your wav file to midi. The idea is to draw notes on a time-frequency picture, then you can test yourself, and save a results.
Published by Roman Yakimenko ScoreExtractor Home Page
ScoreExtractor 1.1 brief help

Loading data
After the ScoreExtractor starts, click File-Open and select a WAVE file
source (ScoreExtractor can only work with PCM 44kHz mono WAVE files), then
select a time-frequency picture(TFP), or press "Calulate TFP" button
if you haven't calculated one. Calculation process can take several minutes.
You can also continue your previous ScoreExtracting, for that select
the MIDI file and press "Continue ScoreExtracting" button.

After you load data, you can easily draw and delete notes
using left and right mouse button accordingly. Press "Z" key
to show half and double frequency(often you can see wrong peaks where
there are lines). Press "X" key and click on a point from which you want
to play WAVE and MIDI files simultaneously(change the volume level
to help yourself) then click to stop. Use "A" and "S" keys to play
WAVE and MIDI files separately.

Click File-Save to save whole MIDI file.

Temporary MIDI recording
(firstly you need to select MIDI in Record Control,
and set a record level to maximum)
Press "C" and click a mouse button on a point from which you want to check
the conformity of the MIDI file (caution: don't record long time period -
that can take a large amount of time for calculations), then click to stop.
Click to temporary picture to change view from original WAVE TFP to calculated
from MIDI and vice versa. You can move source picture using mouse drag.
(this can be help is you have displacement between these two pictures)

Known bugs:
- using different TFP resolution/colors during one project will cause many problems;
- calculating several TFPs at the same time is impossible;
- you can set any settings at your own risk using registry editor;

End of brief help

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