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03-Oct-2001 2,900 K Win 95/98/ME Shareware
Expiration Unknown
First ever Recording karaoke : record your voice while singing along ,add effects to your voice. a complete karaoke and recording studio .
Published by eli malki Microsing karaoke recorder Home Page
Record your voice while singing along, mix and add real-time voice effects. You can modify MIDI-formatted tracks and save them as WAV files. They can be posted to the Web, shared with friends and even burned to a CD. All you really need is a decent computer microphone.
After selecting and loading a file, just click the record button to sing along. There are sliding scales for adding effects, including echo and a cool hall option. The futuristic interface features a waveform graphic for analyzing audio. You can preview your recording, modify it and save the new track to disk.

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