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11-Aug-2004 16 K Multi; Freeware Never Expires
Web-based musical notepad; enter musical code in the text zone and it produces a midi file out of it. Works for melodies and rythms. You can access it from everywhere. You can save and share your ideas
Published by L01c Musicpad Home Page
Have you ever known one of those moments when you suddenly have a great new riff or gimmick or rythm idea, and immediatly need to write it down somewhere ? Usually you get a piece of paper and write it down using your own personnal code, hoping you'll understand it later.

Now, if this happens to you in front of a computer connected to the internet, you've got an alternative: Musicpad.

Using easy to remember codes, Musicpad allows you to create complete melodies and ryhtms in a few lines, and generates a midi file out of it. This way you can very quickly listen to the result and tweak it at will.

Musicpad also allows you to save your work directly on the server, and to share it with other users if you want to.

Its various unique features (randomization) even allow you to use it as a musical generator, importing generated midi files to other softwares.

- use all midi instruments
- easy polyrythms and weird timings
- macros and repeats
- randomization of velocity, timing, notes...
- pattern notation for rythms

Musicpad is totally freeware.

(NB: no program to download, check directly on the website at http://l01c.ouvaton.org/musicpad.php )

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