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Version 1.5   No Registration Required
10-Mar-2005 1,017 K DOS; Freeware Never Expires
low latency, multiple source real-time midi performance system with audio, joystick and mouse to midi conversion in addition to 8 programmable lfo generators, midi clock generator with tap tempo, and sophisticated midi message processing engine.
Published by urr Sound Technologies Inc. converter Home Page
A completely free application for use in commercial and non-commercial music projects and studios, converter is a very powerful and flexible real-time application providing an advanced midi input processor, tap-tempo midi clock generator, clock sync'ed lfo to midi generators, filter bank -based audio to midi converter, gameport to midi converter, and mouse or touchpad to midi converter in an all-in-one solution. Targeted in such a way as to add value and utility to older computing equipment which might otherwise be discarded into the environment, converter provides reliable performance on par with outboard hardware devices (3ms latency or lower) with its default settings on older 486 or Pentium computers. Considering that many of these older computers can be found almost for free, this hardware/software combination provides a surprisingly cost-effective studio tool. With its modern graphical aesthetic, converter never looks or performs like itís operating on anything remotely old or obsolete.

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