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Proton CD Player

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Version 2.6   No Registration Required
08-Oct-2010 430 K Win 98/2000/ME/XP Freeware Never Expires
Full Freeware Cd player,
Published by proton Proton CD Player Home Page
Full Freeware Cd Player. Proton CD Player is well designed and very skillful. Due to its database it can store your CD info and can read every CD. By storing each track’s artist, time and album info, it recognizes the CD when you want to listen it again and can make the track list. With its panel and set appearance, Proton CD Player does not occupy much place on your screen. Also, Proton CD Player can store itself as Default CD Player, so you do not have to think about which folder you copy the program. Even if you close the program, you can go on listening CD, thus Proton CD Player, as a system-friendly program, does not keep busy your computer sources. Proton CD Player can even make a favor, by repeating continuously the track you will not get fed up listening.

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