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21-Nov-2003 8,090 K Win 98/2000/XP Shareware
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proffessional tool that shift music speed and pitch in real time , high performance and quality for music composition and effect creation. You can play WAV file from PC Hard disk or direct from CD Tracks , and save the results.
Published by VIR Speed Processor Home Page
Speed Processor is a software module that allows transformation of vocal and music pitch and speed by manually changing the speed values and voice pitch with high performance and quality. This powerful tool is based on robust algorithms that provides flexible process of vocal file and let the user to save and play the transformed file.High-accuracy efficient mathematic processing with friendly user interface.
- Handling 44.100Sps 16Bits Stereo WAV signal format
- Manually Pitch and Speed adjustment
- Play files in loop for continuous processing
- Digitally scales for accurate process inspection
- High-accurate low resolution manual adjusting
- Internet downloads updates ability
- Stereo vocal signal graph

User Benefits
- Ability to provide special voice speed processing effects
- high-accurate wide-spectrum transforming
- Improving vocal composing for recording studios
- Editing effects for post-productions studios
- Performing high quality vocal transformation and shaping.

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