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Version 2.5b   Online Registration Not Yet Available
01-Oct-2003 1,097 K Win 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP Shareware
Expires after 15 Days
Records from LPs and tapes, removes clicks and pops from LPs, removes hiss from tapes. Splits file into separate song tracks for burning to CD
Published by Coyote Electronics Groove Mechanic Home Page
The primary purpose of the Groove Mechanic is to dramatically improve the quality of your old vinyl LP records and cassette tapes while getting them ready to record onto a CD. While it does not actually perform the CD writing, it does allow you to:

capture the audio from LPs or tapes (or other sources) into audio files on your computer
analyze the quality of the sound
remove the "clicks and pops" that often plague older LPs
remove the "rumble" that is sometimes apparent in both new and old LPs
remove the "hiss" that is often audible on tapes
work on an entire LP side (or cassette side) at a time, and then split it into individual songs, or "tracks"

The output from Groove Mechanic is WAV files, which are accepted by nearly every CD-recording software package. The resulting CDs can be played back on any audio or computer CD player. Alternatively, compressed files (MP3 or OGG) may be produced.

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