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16-Jul-2003 650 K Win 95/98/2000/NT/XP Shareware
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Midi Magician is a MIDI Jukebox with separate volume controls for each song. The volumes of the individual instruments can also be adjusted. All the volumes are saved and will always play at the levels you set.
Published by Night Owl Design Midi Magician Home Page
Midi Magician is a MIDI Jukebox that plays format 0, and format 1 standard MIDI files.The songs are played at a volume that can be adjusted from the main screen. The idea is to select a base line, say 65%, at which all songs are initially played. The volume of each song is than adjusted while the song is playing to suit your taste. Songs that are too soft can be adjusted to play at 70% or 75%, up to 100%. Songs that are too loud can be adjusted down. The volumes are all saved in the song file and will always be played at that level. In addition to being able to adjust the main volume, the volumes of the individual instruments can also be adjusted to sound best on your system.MIDI composers adjust the instrument volumes to sound best on the system they are using. A Trumpet or Bass may be too loud or too soft when played on another synthesizer. Or, when small speakers are used, the Bass parts may have to be turned up in order to hear them properly. It is also a matter of personal taste. Some people like loud drums, some like them soft. The individual instrument volumes are also saved so that each song will always play with the settings you set.

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