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e-Xpressor Hit-Ringtone Maker

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Version 1.10   Online Registration Not Yet Available
09-Jun-2003 895 K Win 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP Shareware
Never Expires
Convert WAV and RTTTL to MIDI polyphonic ringtones, live voice to RTTTL or polyphonic ringtones.
Published by e-Xpressor Laboratory e-Xpressor Hit-Ringtone Maker Home Page
The program converts Voice/WAV/RTTTL into timbres of any MIDI instruments and transforms them to original ringtones for mobile phones.
Using Hit-Ringtone Maker you can easily compose your own original and unique ringtones for mobile phone both monophonic and polyphonic. You just sing the melody you have just arranged, hear it and immediately convert it to a ringtone for your handset. If you don't like singing you can use a melody from an audio, MIDI or even from RTTTL file.
Hit-Ringtone Maker also identifies notes of the sung tune. This enables to get a MIDI file to edit in sequencers, mix the melody with other musical pieces or even arrange it with e-Xpressor Real MIDI Accompaniment Maker and receive advanced polyphonic ringtones!

e-Xpressor Hit-Ringtone Maker specifications

Range of recognizable voice frequencies: 100 1500 Hz
Range of recognizable notes: A2 F#6
Max record length: 60 seconds
Input MIDI files: MIDI1
Input WAV files: Windows PCM, Microsoft ACM
Input TXT files: Nokia RTTTL format

Saving ringtones with: MIDI, RTTTL(TXT)
Saving voice in WAV: Windows PCM (22050, 16-bit, mono)
Sending ringtones via SMS: for supporting handsets

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