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WaveNamer XP Plus

Version 2.1   Online Registration Not Yet Available
10-Apr-2003 3,000 K Win 98/2000/NT/ME/XP Shareware
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Look and listen to your media files and Re-name them without waiting for mediaplayer to open.
Published by DEMsoftUSA.com WaveNamer XP Plus Home Page
New version released 11.1.03

See Video, Pictures, and hear Audio without waiting for media player/browsers to open.

No more seeing pics in browser and renaming each one as you see them...

No more opening mediaplayer to watch (oo455.mpg etc.) then closing media player (trying to remember which one you just saw) and rename it, and repeat this over and over thru a folder of video/audio...

*Open a folder of Photos, Video or Audio

* Type a new name, hit enter it moves to next file.
(shows pics, plays video / audio automatically)

* Repeat steps above for the whole list/folder.

*Or use the Sequence Renaming function to do the whole folder for you, with a name you specify.

This program takes care of the time waisting chore of numbered photos, video and audio files.

As you see them (video, photo, audio) in the list type a new name , click Enter/Return and the next file (pic/vid/audio) plays or shows automatically... rename a whole list fast, and easy !

Renames lists of anything fast !

Easy to use interface enables you to see and hear your media files and make sense of numbered photos etc. (01883784.jpg) and more...

No more waiting for your mediaplayer to open. Sequence renaming using your own file names helps you manage large amounts of filenames with ease !

* Change hundreds in 1 or 2 seconds.
(using the Sequence Renaming function)
* Now with 2 bonus programs.

** FREE Mp3 tagger and 'QUIKLIST'.

Looking for a file you saved months ago? Didn't have room to write it on the CDRom?
Use Quiklist !

Quiklist let's you load up a CDRom and use many options to save/print a list of its contents.
(ie; only folder names, misc and more).

You can never hand write all these on a CD and find them later trying to read your Sharpie writings,
or fit all your hand written files on the CDRom ...

*One example
Print the contents, cut the small font list out and put it in front of the CdRom Book files , or in the CDRom Case.


* Save all the lists to your computer and search without leaving your desk for a file you need !
All by DEMsoftUSA.com

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