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Version Beta 0.2.a.001   No Registration Required
17-Jul-2003 4,150 K Win 95/98/2000/ME/XP Freeware Never Expires
XG On Stage (XoS) is a free PC midi software dedicated to the live performance, featuring numerous tools increasing the capacities of your musical hardware.
Published by AlexisV XG On Stage Home Page
XG On Stage is a software allowing to extended the abilities of the midi sound generators. It features the following :
- instrument definitions (cakewalk format)
- 16 channel individual configurations control of the main midi parameters (chorus, reverb, brightness, harmony, variation...)
- complex splitting of the input controllers (master keyboard for example), with octave transposition
- routing of the messages from the input midi ports to one or more output channels, allowing to play on several channels at the same time
- chorus, reverb and variation types control (may work only with yamaha instruments with on the pre-beta 0.1)
- saving and loading of preset files, this permits to configures your software in one click.
- basic sequencing functions (loops)
- more to come ...

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