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Version 0.2   No Registration Required
14-Jan-2003 100 K Multi; Open Source Never Expires
An easy-to-use utility to backup your MIDI devices. It also works with slow MIDI devices.
Published by Patrick Holthuizen MIDI Backup Home Page
Welcome to the MIDI Backup Utility!!!
This program is free of charge and may be distributed under the GNU Public License.

I wrote this program because I am a guitar player using various programmable effect units. As the years fly by I reprogrammed each unit with my own personal settings and the need to create a backup of these settings became more and more apparent. I tried to find an easy utility which would do the job for me but none of the utilities I found did the job right. Every utility I tried failed to work properly with at least one of my machines. After a frustrating search I decided to write my own MIDI backup utility and as it turned out it might be even usable to others, that's why I published the program.

The programmable units I currently own and which it supports are: Marshall JMP-1 pre-amplifier, Axon AX100SB guitar synthesizer, TC-Electronic Triple-C compression unit, Rocktron Intellifex effects unit, Boss DR-660 drum computer and a Yamaha SY-35 synthesizer.

This utility doesn't contain unit specific coding for any of these units. The utility uses a very defensive way in sending and receiving system exclusive messages in such a way that it should work with a wide range of products.

The program is written in Java and developed under J2SE 1.4. The program should be platform independent for this reason but currently there are a few bugs in the J2SE MIDI implementation. For this reason a third party product (WireProvider) has been supplied with this program to make it work under Microsoft Windows.
I don't know anything about the quality of the J2SE MIDI implementation on other platforms (MacOS, Linux, unix, etc.). The package you currently have only contains this helper application for Windows. Other platforms may use this program without using WireProvider and should work (in theory) and be only limited by the bugs in J2SE.
If you are able to see your external MIDI devices in the Options dialog you might be lucky and use this program without WireProvider.
For Windows users: Always use the listed MIDI devices with "Wire:" in the description until Sun fixes the bugs in J2SE.

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