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29-Jul-1998 666 K Win 95/98/NT/ME Shareware
Expiration Unknown
An analog sequencer emulator for Windows 95 and NT.
Published by Metaphoric Software Seq-303 Home Page
An analog sequencer emulator for Windows 95 and NT. Not just a simple MIDI file player, Seq-303 is a musical instrument that faithfully recreates the look, feel and sound of a voltage-controlled instrument. Features include MIDI file record and export, configurable NRPN support, real-time interaction, and advanced multiple-instance integration and synchronization. Use it to create robotic bass lines, arpeggios, random melodies, drum parts, pulsating textures, and more. Layer multiple instances in real-time, tweak notes and other performance controls, and automatically record the results for use in any standard MIDI sequencer. Seq-303 is the ultimate toy for the techno musician!

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