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FlexiMusic Orchestra

FlexiMusic Orchestra

Description | Screenshot | Comments (1) | Download

"FlexiMusic Orchestra" is used to play musical sounds for live orchestra or for computer music hobby.

1) Any one can use it to play music on computer for hobby without musical instruments.
2) Professional Music Orchestra group or DJs can use it for live musical performance.
3) Children and blind people can use it as a Real time key press informer to get trained in PC keyboard.

1) Use it for live music orchestra performance, by a single person or multiple people at the same time.
2) Use it as a virtual musical instrument - almost all instruments.
3) Use it to Convert your computer as a music instrument, use your keyboard as all in one instrument.
4) Use it as a Real time key press informer, while running in background. (see features for details on this)
5) It is a DJ / jukebox.
6) Use it as multi sound wave player, assigning each sound wave file to each key of your keyboard or mouse or other and play it in Real time.


In FlexiMusic Orchestra you assign "small pieces of music beat" to each key of your all your "Input Devices" and play it as orchestra or musical instrument.

Small piece of music beat: You can choose any standard instrument/drum from midi bank. Or you can use sample of wave file you have. There are a lot of places in the Internet where you can download sound samples. We will provide links to these sites in our home page.

Input devices: Computer Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick, Midi and other keyboard. You can use single or multiple input devices together. The input device can be any thing that DirectX can detect it.

Real time: It plays the sound as soon as the key is pressed, unless you set it to queue.

Live music orchestra: In a live music orchestra multiple keyboards can be connected to one PC and multiple persons can play music at the same time.

Hobby: For hobby at home you can use your normal computer keyboard to play any musical instrument or song.

At Work: For working you can assign some sounds to each key & mouse and leave it in background while you are working on another application. This will keep beeping the sound accordingly.

Play styles: Four play styles are available while assigning sample wave file to a key:
1) Play Once: Plays a sound once for every pressing of key. You can set it either to allow or not to allow duplicate play.
2) Play Multi: Plays a sound multiple times as per variable delay times you choose.
3) Play Loop: Loops the sound continuously or required no of times, pressing the key will start or stop the sound.
4) Play Queue: Like many other DJ softwares this will queue the sound or song and play one by one. You can have single or multiple (up to five) queues running concurrently. You can set it either to allow or not to allow duplicate play.

Midi sound: The General Midi (GM) 128 bank instruments and 9 bank Drum sets can be assigned to keys and played.

Multiple input devices: You can connect any number of input devices (keyboards, mouse, joystick music-keyboards, etc.) and use it together so that many persons can play simultaneously. This is very much useful for professional orchestra.

Multiple Play Boards: You can create unlimited no of play boards. Each play board will have all input devices (like keyboard etc.) as sub boards. Each play board will have its own set of sound assignment as you need. While you are playing you can change over to next play board to play completely a new set of music. This is useful when you define multiple instruments for hobby simply using your keyboard, mouse etc. you can assign each instrument to each play board, when you change over to next play board your PC becomes that instrument.

Real time key press informer: You assign pronouncing key name sound to each key, as and when a key is pressed it will keep sounding that pronunciation. It is useful for children to play with keyboard and to know the names of keys. This is also useful for blind people to know the key being pressed while they are using another application.

Background play: It can run in background. Once you put the input ON it will play even while you are working on another application. For example if you are playing a game or typing a letter, if you assign "UP pronouncing wave file" for "up arrow key", when ever you press "up arrow key" it will keep sounding "UP" "UP", making it fun to use your PC.

DJ / Jukebox: If you have sound/music in wave file, using its Queue and loop you can use this as good as a normal music player. Additionally it can play multiple songs at the same time. It is a multi sound wave player, assigning each sound wave file to each key of your keyboard or mouse or other and play it in Real time.

Save and Open:
  • You can save and open orchestra file.
  • You can either save wave with in the orchestra file (for easy transport) or leave the wave files in its place (to save space).

    Wave file format supported:
    Channel: Stereo and Mono
    Sample size: 8 bits and 16 bits
    Sample rate: 11025, 22050 and 44100 Hz.

    Download FlexiMusic Orchestra Now Download FlexiMusic Orchestra

    Buy FlexiMusic Orchestra Buy FlexiMusic Orchestra Now

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    Download FlexiMusic Orchestra Now Download FlexiMusic Orchestra

    Read comments (1)

    Version: Oct2001
    Released: Oct, 15 2001
    License: Shareware, $15.00
    Expires: Never Expires

    File size: 4,152 K
    Platforms: Windows XP/ME/2000/98/95
    Downloads: 1100

    Virtual orchestra for DJ and play using keyboard for hobby. Assign your custom wave sound sample to each key of your PC and play for hobby.


    FlexiMusic Orchestra page at FreewareSeek

    Developer: FlexiMusic

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    FlexiMusic page at FreewareSeek

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